Jared Popelar · August 17, 2017
So last week I reviewed an anime show as per usual, and this week I started binging on Tekken 7 again. I think this is a good time to talk about anime fighters. If you read this blog regularly, then you can probably think of one or two titles off the top of your head: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In-birth Exe:Late, some of the Touhou series, Marvel vs. Capcom, BlazBlue, Skullgirls and Guilty Gear are among the more prolific ones, even though there are hundreds of titles in the genre.
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Chaeha · July 8, 2013

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while, so I thought I’d post something. Originally it was gonna be how to make custom decals with my newly customized Black Rock Box, but I didn’t have enough funding to buy the papers, so that will have to wait just a little longer.

So I thought I’d post the game I just got, a bland new Nitro+ game. If you’ve heard Nitro+, then, well, you might think you know what’s coming. Don’t worry. It’s about true love, according to Nitro+. Just like how Madoka was about dreams, hopes, and future.

This is not a review. I don’t think I have played enough to actually write a review. This is simply just an introduction to the game.

WARNING: This post might not be for everyone because of the fact that I have the “physical copy of a PC game.” If you know or worry that you are allergic to anything not pirated, then please close this page immediately.

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Daniel · September 2, 2012
The first week of the CSMAC osu! competition has begun! The current format includes 12 maps covering a wide range of difficulties, and 3 personal challenges. The competition is fierce already, with multiple 4 mod SS’s being posted already. If you’re interested in the current standings or if you are thinking of joining the competition yourself, see http://soureiyashiki.informe.com/forum/. If you don’t know what osu is, see http://osu.ppy.sh/.
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Jack · February 3, 2012

Hopefully everyone reading this blog is at least familiar with the Touhou series. Working under that assumption, I won’t bother with a rundown of the basic gameplay. This, instead, will be a summary of the main mechanic and my first impressions of each game, starting with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and going through to Ten Desires. Well, technically they’ll be second impressions since I’m writing this after my first playthrough of each, but it’s close enough.

Now I’d tell you to hop on the tour bus, but as we all know, there are no buses in Gensokyo.

I’d warn for spoilers as well, but I never paid enough attention to the plot to know what was going on myself.   ᄀ( ̄ー ̄)ᒥ

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