Jared Popelar · November 8, 2017
So…this is gonna be a slightly awkward review… I’m not gonna make excuses for myself, but because I’m a grad student with a limited amount of time to spend each day doing things I want to do, I have to schedule how and where it goes. In regards to my stories for this site, that typically means I watch a good chunk of the series I’m reviewing over the weekend, so that way I have plenty of time to sit down and think about what I thought of the show on the whole.
SnYves Black Clover F

Jared Popelar · September 20, 2017
It’s okay! I’m alive! Yeah, sorry for not doing anything last week. Schoolwork got the better of me and I ended up having to dedicate most of my time then to actually getting things done, and that meant that I had almost no time whatsoever to get this show a right proper reviewing. Again, I apologize, and thanks for sticking around as I chugged through last week. And to make things special for this week, let me start off by saying that this show was actually requested for me to review by a fan of the site (who wishes to remain anonymous, although I will say he’s a chill guy and draws cute coyote girls on DeviantArt if that’s something you’re into).
SnYves Netsuzou Trap F Oh God why

Jared Popelar · August 9, 2017
There’s a very good reason you don’t see me review harem shows on this website. This probably has a ton to do with my tastes personally - well, actually I know it does - but after three years or so of literary analysis classes, I have this itch in the back of my head that goes off whenever I watch something. I always feel like I need to pick things apart and look for meaning in about every show I review.
SnYves Hajimete no Gal F Oh God why

Jared Popelar · April 26, 2017
I really need to stop doing this to myself. Why must I, after watching a movie that I really really enjoyed, always follow it up with a series nobody expected to be good and completely lives up to expectations? Maybe it’s just a bitter involuntary response I have, like saying, “Shut up,” whenever somebody sneezes, but the last time this happened I actually kinda enjoyed it to be honest.
SnYves Cyborg 009 F

Jared Popelar · February 8, 2017
Well this is one hell of a shift in quality, isn’t it? I debuted my reviewing career with Summer Wars, an absolute trip of a film that I loved very dearly, and now I have to deal with this shambles. Somehow, between then and now, and with very little fanfare in between, I have gone from reviewing something amazing to slashing apart something completely terrible. I’m not entirely convinced this is actually happening to me.
SnYves Casshern Sins F