Well, Crap

Jared Popelar · November 29, 2017

So…this is thoroughly embarrassing.

I mean, I embarrass myself on an hourly basis, but this time I feel like I really did get bogged down at you guys' expense. Long story short, I’ve been getting annihilated by my classes and thesis work, and between that and Thanksgiving I have not really had as much time as I wanted to to crank out my next assignment. This week wasn’t that much better, so I had to make a decision. I could either rush out my article that I really want to turn out good because it involves a topic I find pretty interesting, or I could just take the week off, again, get all of my stuff done, and give myself some more time to ensure I’m putting my best foot forward. I ultimately decided on the latter, so here we are: you guys waited three weeks for my next post and it’s an apology notice.

I humbly apologize for the delays and greatly thank you for your patience. I will have my article up by this time next week, so please stick around for that.

Meanwhile, the least I can do is give you something to look at. So here’s an alert for those who like buying their anime. Not a bad Christmas idea either, if you happen to have multiple anime geeks in your family!

Either way, enjoy the deals and see you next week. I promise I’ll have all of my stuff sorted out by then.


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