Gene · December 31, 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Most would rate a year based on the best anime of the season, this is why we tend to look so longingly at 2008 or 2011. It’s fine to look at anime that way, since there’s only enough time in the day to watch the good stuff. When you start watching a little too much anime, that’s when you also have to look at everything else. Particularly, I’m speaking to the BAD anime; and BOY was there a metric ton of that this year. In terms of contrast between the worst of the worst, and the best of the best, this was the best year of anime we’ve had.

smells like crack

So bad it’s good

People throw around top 10s based on whatever flippant standards they have for anime, but mine follow the same set of rules:

  • The show FINISHED in 2014
  • No season 2s, movies, or OVAs
  • Based only on author’s awful opinion in anime

This means that some odd picks that you may remember from last year will pop up on this list, such as Shirobako *hint hint future me*.


Gene · March 4, 2014

You know a blog is dead when the previous years’ top 10s share the page with the current years’ top 10. However this won’t stop anyone from making a top 10 anyway. No one should care! I don’t and neither should you!


Catsuki-sama demands it!

As usual, the rules to this top 10 are simple:

  • The show FINISHED in 2013
  • The show is not a movie or OVA
  • Second Seasons or whatever are fair game for this list
  • Then why isn’t railgun S2 on this list
  • Or Chihayafuru S2
  • …Dammit
  • Whatever, just write something at the end about how good Monogatari S2 is
  • Deal. No season 2s.

This means that shows like Kill La Kill won’t be on here. The lack of Attack on Titan is not a mistake, though.

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Gene · April 6, 2013

Come on, don't act that surprised

Time once again for my bi-annual review of anime. I’m sure there’ll be a top 10 from 2011, it’s just that no one will see it. I don’t know why I never finished it, maybe because it looked too much like Chris’ and I didn’t want to look like a copy-cat, maybe I’m just lazy, maybe my feet hurt, maybe it’s too crowded in here. Maybe I just want to go home.


It’s not even anime


  • The show ENDED in 2012
  • Opinions are entirely based on what show I liked
  • I have bad taste in anime
  • but it’s better than yours

Let’s get to it!